TedxLeiden 2013 - Circles of Life

Freek Tanis

I am passionate about the transition to a society where people and organizations cocreate their future. A natural balance between the industrial efficiency and selforganized diversity. A world where we are able to organize the surplus. TED has been a major source of inspiration for me; it has broadened my perspective on society and the possibilities for the future. I use these insights and experiences in my work as a business architect for IBM.

Marijn Wiersma

I love the energy we collectively create at TEDxLeiden! And therefore feel fortunate to, together with Freek, be the license holder for TEDxLeiden. In daily life I work as change agent and innovation manager at FMO, the Dutch Development Bank. I am passionate about transition. I have co-founded several social networks a.o. Fier, Boom and BankoftheFuture. And am truly proud that we can host our TEDxLeiden conference in our house of transition, the beautiful Meelfabriek in Leiden!

Karl Beerenfenger

More and more people are starting to realize that we have to change to way we look at things and change our behaviour for this planet to sustain. That we have to focus on other values than growth and maximum profits. TED & TEDx contribute to this paradigm shift by enabling ideas to be shared with a large crowd.As Matchmaker at Nudge I come in contact with the most inspiring people and the most inspiring ideas and projects. The same goes for my role in in the TEDxLeiden team. Everyday I witness the growing can do mentality. And it energizes. I believe you can make this world a little better, by starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. And then make sure good ideas are spread. Wide. That's why I joined the TEDxLeiden team. TED is an amazing phenomenon. The TEDxLeiden team is an amazing team. So one can imagine I'm proud to be a part of it. 

Lisette van der Boog

With my passion to contribute to a better world, I’m fully engaged to co-organize the second TEDxLeiden. In daily life I am working as Capacity Development Analyst at FMO, supporting the transition towards a more integrated approach of investments.

Marike van IJssel

For many years I have enjoyed the TED talks, and frequently share these amazing talks with anyone I come across. As I strongly believe in the power of spreading inspiring ideas and practices, I regularly organize and co-create inspirational events. The latest event was the“Geluksroute” (Happiness trail) through Leiden. It is with great pleasure that I work towards making this TEDxLeiden event a success

Marieke Hendrix

Ever since a visit to the Green School in Bali I am a fond advocate of holism and finding solutions with and for your local community. I am a storyteller; as a journalist and as a Corporate Storyteller. I believe in the power of spreading ideas and finding out what makes people tick, so we can find common ground and drive change through shared values and goals. For me Tedx embraces creativity and spreading talks and ideas to enable change in our transitional society. That's why I want to build upon this community and spread the word. With new ideas there is hope for a future which we build ourselves; anything is possible with co-creation

Swaantje Nijkamp and Linde Ex

We translate transition and innovation in experience and art. We use elements of the Arts to make content visible, to clarify it by giving meaning in form and by creating connections. Content is always the guideline for our design. We are the founders of Studio Liaan, are both educated at Art schools and have a heart for beauty, research and experience. The beauty and strength of de TED concept has always inspired us. Telling a good story is a form of Art. We want to deepen this concept with experience elements that strengten this goal. Studio Liaan is partner of platform BankoftheFuture, one of the partners of this TEDx-event.    

Rienke Wiersma

I am a very energetic person and I love being around other passionate people. I believe that TEDx creates an amazing platform for their creative, and sometimes courages, ideas that contribute to changing our thoughts and perspectives on the world around us.

Last year I was involved with TEDx Leiden as a photographer. From that prespective I had a chance to capture the spirit and passion with which the speakers conveyed their ideas. This year in addition to acting as a photographer I am also involved in the creative process leading towards TEDx Leiden 2014. In daily life I am a physiotherapist and manualtherapist, a very different setting where I am contributing to change on an a more individual basis.

Antos Szkudlarek

Alle teksten rond TEDxLeiden mogen naast effectief ook best aantrekkelijk zijn. Met de nodige zorg van mijn kant, hoop ik bij te dragen aan inhoud die bij betrokkenen binnenkomt, begrepen wordt en het oorspronkelijk bedoelde effect sorteert.

Jan Thijs Leeuwrik Nieborg

Ever since I saw the first TED talks on YouTube, I have been inspired and uplifted by them. I relish the opportunity to contribute to the Leiden chapter of TED, to hopefully inspire others. I have studied history and urban planning, and in daily life I focus on sustainability, durability and resilience.

We are living in exciting times: Technological development has accelerated, and the world has never been this connected. As a historian, I am keen to see what lies in our future, to see this world become more ecologically sustainable and a better place for all of us.

Jens-R. Henkelmann

We are truly living in a great time. Never before was it so easy for so many people to have access to so much information literally at one's fingertips. With this vast amount of information however, it is more important than ever to have high quality formats that can act as a guide.


Ted Talks are a wonderful example of what this can look like. The high quality of the talks alone is already reason enough to watch them. Seeing speakers that are always highly involved in a topic and additionally very passionate about them, just adds to the overall positive experience.


Being involved in sustainability for quite sometime now myself, I'm very passionate to make the 2013 Edition of TedXLeiden a great experience for every visitor at the Meelfabriek and everyone watching the videos online.  

Anke van Houten

I want to contribute to a better world through communication. In daily life I combine corporate communications with CSR at Imtech, a worldwide technical services provider that focusses on energy and environment. I am a proud member of the TEDxLeiden organizational team and find it a privilege to work with all these inspired people

Annett Müller

TED talks are such a wonderful way to share the ever-growing amount of information with a very diverse audience, while maintaining a high standard. 
I think knowledge is the key to change our world into a more fair and sustainable place. By helping with the organization of TEDx Leiden I have the perfect opportunity to contribute to this.

As a biologist on the one hand it is important to me to contribute to the transition to more sustainable thinking in our world. And on the other hand, working as an artist and graphic designer, I enjoy helping with the creation of a platform where people can express their throughts and feelings. 

Maaike Vinkenburg

TED talks are a great inspiration for me, and being able to contribute in creating TEDx Leiden to inspire others and make people think is a true pleasure! In daily life, I balance my work in pharmaceutical research and development with music,  family and friends into a juicy cocktail of joy, energy and inspiration.  

Ineke van Dipten

As an occupational physiotherapist I help people with physical complaints to look at their health problem in a different way, to support their belief in personal effectiveness to tackle the issue, thus feeling healthier and stronger. Respect for choices, vitality, behavioural change and self-management are important key words. My role is primarily focused on coaching and aimed at inciting change to a better health perception.This incitement to change to something better I also found in many Ted-talks and I am honoured to contribute at TEDxLeiden as a speaker coach.

Patrice Windt-Doeven

If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.
‘That Something’ can be within a simple idea, an idea worth spreading.
To enable a person to spread his idea in a comprehensible, inspiring and vivid way, gives me the opportunity to assist the speaker to bring a small idea from one person to a bigger world. I do hope to make that small difference.
Because of my previous experience as a trainer/coach and my job as a cabin attendant,  I’m  privileged to visit many different cultures, city’s and communities and talk to many different people with many different ideas.
It has widened my range and it brought me in contact with a lot of different views, habits, creative solutions and ideas.
I am convinced that spreading ideas is the solution for every existing and future problem. Inspiring stories can unite people and united people can make a real difference.
That is why I feel honored to be part of the organization team of TEDx Leiden.

Gaby Schaffrath

Mijn passie en missie is mensen inspireren om gelukkig, vrij en succesvol te zijn. Daar is vaak moed voor nodig. En dat betekent angst voelen en toch je hart volgen, want "no guts, no glory"!  

Vincent Bode

To me, TED means the translation of a complex idea into inspirational and easy to understand talks. You can find talks on almost any subject, meaning you can learn about anything you wish. To me, a TED talk is usually the starting point to further study of a subject. Or not, in which case I feel like the talk has given me exactly what I wanted or needed at that point.

As a former educator and current civil servant (formulating and putting into practice new methods of facilitating long term care at home) it's the possibility of helping people understand these complex and often life-changing ideas which made me want to be part of the TED Leiden community.

Christine van der Veen

Ever since I turned 45 last year, everything seemed to fall into place. Since then, I strongly believe in the power of inspiration. Every day brings me new inspirational moments and inspiring people, and I try my best to pass those on to others. Freek and Marijn introduced TED-talks to me and I was present during TEDx Leiden last year: I feel very lucky to be able to attent again this year. I work at an administrative office that works for eductional institutes: a lot of people in that area of work are ideologically driven and that's inspiring!

Caryn 't Hart de Wijkerslooth

Stories. I'm intensely enthusiastic about them. I love helping people to put their story and thoughts into words and work on their presentation skills.And that's exactly what I do at TedXLeiden.I’m a lecturer of communication at TU Delft’s Centre for Languages and Academic Skills. So, my job is helping the students of Delft University to put their research and their thoughts  into words. We have special courses in Debating Skills, Academic Writing and Oral Presentations. 

henrike rietveld

Ever since I discovered TED I couldn't stop watching TED talks. I used to do that almost every day travelling to work by train (such a pity I go by car now...) Having a TEDx-event so close by,  in my own city, it's very nice to be part of that. TED is refreshing, optimistic, creative and inspiring - no one should miss it! 

Gemma Lago

Challenging questions often lead to new ideas. I strongly believe new and challenging ideas are essential to create a better world. TED-talks are a wonderful way to spread those ideas. TEDx Leiden is a wonderful platform to share and try new ideas in our own community.

As a professional coach and communications expert asking challenging questions is what I do. I find it very inspiring to contribute to a clear TED-presentation of new ideas.

Frank van Tussenbroek

Even when i was a kid i used to play around with taperecorders, microphones amplifiers and so on.So it is not a big suprise that my own company Studio336 is involved in bringing sound and light to venues.

Isabelle de Lijser

2 years ago I saw my first TED talk during a crash course on Belgian development cooperation. During this course I saw several talks and noticed how many people got inspired by their stories – including myself. I am really looking forward to help organise the second TEDx Leiden event and contribute to sharing new inspiring stories to the rest of the world. In daily life I am passionate about sustainable development and livelihood improvement in developing countries.   

Annegien Dessing

I am honoured to contribute at TEDx Leiden as a speaker coach and helping to organize the events. I did not know TED before. It is inspiring to work with all these great people! My profession is communication advisor.