About the organizing team

Anke van Houten

I want to contribute to a better world through communication. In daily life I combine corporate communications with CSR at Imtech, a worldwide technical services provider that focusses on energy and environment. I am a proud member of the TEDxLeiden organizational team and find it a privilege to work with all these inspired people

Hans de Gruijter

Designer of learning programs. Teacher of Physical Education&Training by origin; Officer at RNLAF of profession. Social Media habitue; especially Twitter (@Hans de Gruijter): a wonder of serendipity. To find what you were never looking for. - "The best you can become, is yourself." - 

Anne Marieke Schwencke

Sustainability researcher with a special interest in energy, selforganizing communities, social movements and debates on societal transitions. Currently happily co-creating the TEDx Leiden as the team's researcher, co-organiser and connector (along with several other projects).


Chiara van den Berg

I am one of the core team behind the “Gangmakerij”, a hotbed for creative entrepreneurs. Together they/ we create new cooperative networks and companies. I am happy to contribute to this worldwide network of TEDx communities.

Swaantje Nijkamp and Linde Ex

We translate transition and innovation in experience and art. We use elements of the Arts to make content visible, to clarify it by giving meaning in form and by creating connections. Content is always the guideline for our design. We are the founders of Studio Liaan, are both educated at Art schools and have a heart for beauty, research and experience. The beauty and strength of de TED concept has always inspired us. Telling a good story is a form of Art. We want to deepen this concept with experience elements that strengten this goal.

Marieke Hendrix

Ever since a visit to the Green School in Bali I am a fond advocate of holism and finding solutions with and for your local community. I am a storyteller; as a journalist and as a Corporate Storyteller. I believe in the power of spreading ideas and finding out what makes people tick, so we can find common ground and drive change through shared values and goals. For me Tedx embraces creativity and spreading talks and ideas to enable change in our transitional society. That's why I want to build upon this community and spread the word.